The 2014 installation of Pegasystem’s annual conference, PegaWORLD, is happening June 8th – 11th in Washington, D.C. this year. 

Sunday, June 8th, is dedicated to hands-on training sessions ($150 each and preregistration is required), some afternoon seminars, Pega Partner seminars, and several special interest group forums.  Also, starting at 4:30 is the “First Ever PegaWORLD Simultaneous Chess Match” with Alan Trefler, Founder and CEO of Pegasystems.  This match should be something of a challenge since Mr. Trefler was the co-champion of the 1975 World Open Chess Championship and has a Master rating. 

On Monday and Tuesday, the schedule is full of industry leaders who will speak to the Pega concept of Build for Change® and how Pega tools can solve and have solved common industry challenges from banking to insurance, from internal government applications to customer service call centers.

Industry giants like Aegis, UnitedHealth Group, PayPal, BNY Mellon, Cisco, Accenture, ING, and Gartner are just a handful of the numerous corporate participants of this year’s PegaWORLD.  Several representatives from these companies and others will speak to Pega solutions, BPM, and strategies for success.

ArchiTECH Solutions, as a Pega Partner, will have a booth to display both our Pega Center of Excellence (COE) solution, and our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Claims Processing solution.

The ArchiTECH Solutions Pega COE offers a complete suite of services that are based upon a deep well of business experience, Pega development, and technical expertise.  The COE utilization package can be integrated into existing and new development projects in conjunction and coordination with business partners.  The ATS Pega COE can be scaled to best serve the unique needs of each business client, to achieve design and development milestones, and to prepare for business growth that will result from project successes.  From business processes to ready-to-use templates, from best practices guidelines to step-by-step methodologies, the ATS Pega COE can bring clarity and guidance to any enterprise with Pega projects.

ArchiTECH Solutions offers an OCR solution for automating the entry of paper-based claims into Pega 7.x. The OCR solution will enable forms to be digitally scanned at high speeds and passed through validation in Pega to help eliminate paper handling and improve the accuracy of claims records. Using first and second level review escalation in the Pega application allows the scanned forms to be available via user interface as form level fields.  In addition to these fields, the actual scanned document will be available in a viewer.  The user will be able to look at the user interface and compare the fields to the actual scanned image, as necessary. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Pega solutions, stop by the ATS booth during PegaWORLD.  We’re the ones in orange! #orangeisthenewblack

orange is the new black

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Amy Barth is a Senior Business Analyst for ArchiTECH Solutions.