businessman hand show gear to success as conceptThe Return on Investment (ROI) conversation of the hour is all about social media.  Social media has become a key aspect of customer relationships, but it’s only one aspect of the business environment.  To effectively interface with social media (or just to modernize internal systems), there are solutions to be applied to the heart of business functionality.  The rate of responsiveness and change-ability that needs to accompany modern business functionality has many companies choosing to invest in BPM-driven systems like Pega or Appian.

To get the best ROI with those BPM-driven systems, a Center of Excellence (CoE) is a useful approach to provide the backbone to developing with a BPM system, using the knowledge of experts, recommended best practices, and guidelines based upon experience.  A CoE offers adoption management, training, and general project management support that can streamline processes, provide thought leadership, and identify new opportunities for innovation using BPM.  Additionally, it can help remove some of the mystery around developing with BPM frameworks, especially when the business is new to the product or struggling through some growing pains with an existing BPM system.

At ArchiTECH Solutions, we have developed a “ready to deploy” CoE package that is scalable to best suit the needs of any particular client.  This enables BPM-based projects to prevent milestone deadlines and delivery from moving to the right, while also providing a “best-fit” solution for each enterprise project scope. The quick-start CoE deployment establishes a solid BPM foundation, eliminating the need for deep investments at the initial phase of the CoE initiative.  As the CoE provides proven success, the scope of customizable services expands to meet the project goals and roadmap.  The ROI is realized when BPM solutions launch successfully, meeting client needs and utilizing reusable code and artifacts, whether the BPM solution is for expanding the social media impact or modernizing internal systems. 

The investment in a CoE, when coupled with the investment in a BPM product, will pay for itself.  A fully staffed CoE can be a significant investment, but an intelligent integration with an existing management team and development team, will provide a pathway to the following goals:

  • Reusability of developed functionality
  • Standardize business rules, and roles and rights management
  • Develop UIX standards for enterprise applications
  • Consistent process development and transparency
  • Define coding and programming standards
  • Reduce delays with project delivery
  • Proactive issue/risk resolution
  • Set expectations for roles, responsibilities, and participation for solution development methodology
  • Readily accessible training material
  • Maximize project team success

Some companies or organizations may shy away from a CoE solution because of the anticipated cost paired with a potentially long ramp-up time to get the Center of Excellence off the ground.  Because the ATS CoE is meant to be scalable, the risk of cost is decreased.  Also, the ATS CoE has been built in a package format, so that the Center of Excellence can start gaining traction quickly.

If your company or project could use the expertise provided by a Center of Excellence, but think the investment will not provide a positive ROI, consider ATS for your solution.  If you’ve already decided to invest in a BPM System like Pega or Appian, we can be your ROI guarantee by way of our ATS CoE.  Call us to discuss your project needs at 703-972-9155 or contact us by email at