Celebrate good times!

This summer has been an exciting one for ATS, not only because business is booming, we are bringing smart new folks to the team, and we are developing new partnerships, but also because other aspects of the ATS Family have been changing.

Of course we continue to focus on providing quality service at our project sites, but we have also had some summer fun these past two months in the form of…


So, we’d like to take a break from our usual blog topics to share a few photos of the happy couples, who are not just our co-workers, but also our friends!


On June 21st, 2014…Greg & Danielle Johnston

Greg Johnston, Vice President of Technology, was married to the lovely Danielle Altschuh.  The Bride was beautiful in a fitted lace gown and the Groom was dapper in his three piece suit (and two-tone Vann’s).

Richard Johnston, ATS CEO, and Greg’s uncle was the officiant of the ceremony.

And the happy couple debuted some fancy dance moves afterwards!  They honeymooned in South America.

Greg & Danielle dancing










Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Johnston!


On July 26, 2014…

melissa & michelleMelissa Thomas, our Director of BPM Practice, was officially married to her partner of 16 years, Michelle Kucerak.

Melissa and Michelle threw a fabulous vintage-inspired wedding at Glen Echo Park in Maryland.  They were both lovely, as were many of the guests, including the ATS Team Members in attendance.

The happy couple honeymooned in Key West.


Congratulations Mrs. and Mrs. Thomas-Kucerak









ATS crew with the brides.  Some of us did not get the hat and suspenders memo, apparently–but everyone was still stylin’.

ATS crew at the wedding