FullSizeRender 5(1)Melissa Thomas, ArchiTECH Solutions’ Pegasystems Practice Lead, was in attendance at PegaWORLD this year and gave us these primary takeaways from the conference this year:

Flexing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) muscles.  I like good customer service.  I like to be able to take care of business from my cell phone, whether it’s an update to my healthcare account or if I just want to buy that cool new gadget I just read about online.  And in this light, I really liked what I heard at PegaWORLD 2015.  The message from Pega was that they intend to put their muscle behind improving and extending the CRM capabilities.  Their focus is to enable medium to large organizations replace legacy CRM systems, helping clients connect to their customers, expanding the capacity for personalized interactions, and providing mobile capability to all features.

Success is Sweet.  I was proud to see two of our clients win awards at PegaWORLD this year.  The Veteran Affairs – Financial Services Center (VA FSC) and the State of Maine both won awards from Pegasystems.  I’d like to send out an official kudos to all of our ArchiTECH Solutions team members who have worked and continue to work on these projects.  Great job to you all for leading the charge using Pega applications.  We have seen first hand how listening to the client, utilizing SCRUM practices, and building with Pega products can meet our clients’ needs (to the point of earning industry recognition!)

Pega Express making User Developed Business Applications (UDBA) a reality.  It was great to hear Alan Trefler support the UDBA model that so many clients are capable of executing, and executing well.  Clients know what they want.  Using Pega Express as a UDBA is the perfect starting point.  It takes the Application Profile ten steps further.  Lead Business Architects who have used the Application Profile and DCO tools from Pegasystems know how powerful the output can be.  Presenting a client with the Pega Express is really a watershed moment that is going to set Pega apart.  We are looking forward to using Pega Express with our clients as soon as possible.  From ATS’ Jason Hairston, Vice President of Strategy & Solutions, “Pega’s new product version release is focused on user experience related to usability, look and feel, and response time (performance).  This led to impressive demonstrations that had “ease of use” functionality to encourage adoption and radiation across the enterprise.”

Don’t get Ubered! Future Proofing with Pega.  Getting “ubered” is the modern IT industry nightmare–when competition takes over your previously wide open marketplace with newer, better, faster, easier options.  No one wants to get ubered.  In his article, Christopher Danvers explains the phenomenon like this, “Uber has put the customer in control of the experience and have taken a mobile-centric approach to their service. They’ve also done a great job of eliminating most of the pain points (associated with available) transportation.”  With all of Pega’s innovative solutions, growth toward specialized applications using Mobile and Cloud, and making access open to clients with Pega Express, industries using Pega products have all the keys they need to future proof their businesses and, in turn, their presence in the market, customer loyalty, and profitability.

High Fives to Partners! As a Pegasystems partner attendee at PegaWORLD 2014, there were major high-points for partners:  open sales media, open Pega Academy, and transparency with internal Pegasystems alliance partner allies. However, PegaWORLD 2015 pushed us as partners to consider our own business model, our objectives, and our client relationships.  We must be thought leaders and not just by embracing the title, but by doing our craft in the field for clients.  Less talking, more doing.  We are excited to continue the innovation with our partners who had a presence at PegaWORLD this year.  They include:

  • TMG HealthPega meetup
  • Veterans Affairs FSC
  • State of Maine
  • CVS Caremark
  • Nissan
  • BMS
  • CSC
  • CGI

Social media connectivity takes the work out of networking. Meeting Pegasystem’s Alex Nicholson really got me thinking about how I personally use and view social media and how we use social media here at ArchiTECH Solutions.  We have made a concerted effort to participate in and with the Pega and BPM community at large via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  The campaigns we have promoted and blogs we have written have really reached out to a set of folks who not only use the same technology we do, but also have inspiring ideas to share–a wealth of information and knowledge is available to all who choose to participate.  Being able to create relationships with people on different continents with social media has expanded our own capacity and enriched our view of what is possible with Pega.

Training was so worth it!  This year, I decided to invest in some of the training offered on Sunday before the official PegaWORLD kickoff.  I want to do DCO everyday thanks to two of the best Pega trainers ever! Shout out to Richard Fay and Bob Lloyd for conducting a solid and thorough DCO training!

Pegasystems has broadened so much in the last three years by embracing ease-of-use (e.g. Pega 7 Express), by empowering clients (with CRM, Decision Management (DM), Case Management (CM), et al.), and demonstrating the ability to evolve by bringing business and technology together (via Web, Mobile, Cloud).  Go Pegasystems!  Keep the train moving, keep adding cars, and keep windows on all the doors we like where this is going.

Thank you to everyone who worked hard to plan and support Pegaworld 2015!  Job well done!

If you would like to partner with the ATS team on upcoming or proposed Pega projects, please contact us at orangebpm@architechsolutions.com.  We’d be happy to work toward implementing all the exciting new capabilities Pega is offering!