You’ll never be able to reach the summit without a partner who has your back.  Sir Edmund Hillary is commonly known as the first climber to reach the top of Mt. Everest—a true trailblazer, right?  However, he never would have succeeded, had it not been for his Sherpa, Tenzing Norgay.  You need guides, if you want to reach your end goal. Look at these badasses during their 1953 excursion to the top of Mt. Everest.  hillary and tenzing

In “The Future of Digital Public Services,” an e-book published by Pega and GovLoop, ArchiTECH Solutions’ VP of Technology, Greg Johnston, was featured in the chapter, “3 Tips for the Road,” discussing his take on trailblazers and guides.

A wide-spread, digital update of public sector systems is going to require innovative thinking, problem solving, and execution.  It’s not uncommon for innovators, or trailblazers, to move forward on a self-driven trajectory that meets resistance or lack of support on the way to the destination.  The unfortunate reality is that trailblazers can take off running, leaving their teams behind, which causes dissention and blocking “issues” to appear. 

Johnston firmly believes, “that you need both a trailblazer and a guide. You need someone in the organization who can play the role of change management guide.” He also said, “There are no shortages of trailblazers. It’s the guide role, the adoption management piece, that’s being overlooked right now.”

A trailblazer can bring solutions to the table at lightning speed, but the guide is going to make the innovations fit together with the organization.  The guide will, “bring the proper scale, scope, and pace of the change so that it can take place in a way that works best for the organization” (e-book).

Considering the fact that Hillary relied upon and lauded Norgay as his partner in their successful Mt. Everest mission, you’d be well-advised to follow suit. Norgay even saved Hillary’s life by pulling him out of a crevasse. If you’re curious about this daring duo, read more here.

“The Future of Digital Public Services” also provides a wealth of expert knowledge from industry insiders who are making inroads in the public sector digital modernization. Check it out, here.

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