• Solution Strategy & UIX Application Design
  • Product Vendor Selection
  • Solution Delivery Planning
  • Development & Implementation
  • Launch & Go Live Delivery
  • Post-Launch Support
  • Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Now BPM technology has finally caught up and is flexible enough to customize around the optimal and most efficient business process needed to deliver your organizations’ operations. This is a simple enough concept to understand: people need to fill out forms, obtain approvals, obtain various pieces of information that reside in potentially multiple systems, and even perform different activities within those systems as part of the process.

Processes use to be designed to fit into the technology, but now the most efficient process can be followed with support of a powerful BPM solution to improve effectiveness, make information readily-accessible, and streamline operations.

Processes and procedures occur that invariably involve interactions between different people and different systems. BPM products can be used to resolve various business challenge or gaps between people, process, and technology.

  • End-to-End Process Review
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Detailed Process Mapping Sessions
  • Communications (Executive/Program) Improvement
  • Business Transformation Planning
  • Issue-Resolution Management
  • Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Program Delivery & Management

Business process reengineering (BPR) is the analysis and redesign of workflows within and between enterprises in order to optimize end-to-end processes and automate non-value-added tasks.  ArchiTECH Solutions consultants works hand-in-hand with clients to rethink and redesign the way organizations do their work in order to dramatically improve customer service, cut operational costs, and become world-class competitors.

ArchiTECH Solutions has the expertise and knowledge that is essential to improve the overall operations of an organization. Streamlined Process is essential, Technology is required for operations to run smoothly, but items around People execution are critical to delivery.

ArchiTECH Solutions recognizes that an organization’s business processes are usually fragmented into sub-processes and tasks that are carried out by several specialized functional areas within the organization. ATS BPI experts are the consultants client want to engage with prior to delivering large initiatives because it is essential to build a strong foundation, organized structure, and disciplines needed to deliver results.

  • Business Process Efficiency Assessment
  • Business Operations Analysis
  • Solution Application Health-Check
  • Enterprise Application Rationalization Analysis
  • Organizational Structure Analysis
  • Program/Solution Delivery Assessment

ATS can perform a Business Operations Assessment & Analysis (BOAA) to help client organizations understand the health status of their operations.

ArchiTECH Solutions consultants understand that, in order to make strides in growth, an organization must know “where they are” to really determine what needs to be done to get them “where they want to be” as a company. A Business Operations Assessment & Analysis is the first step.

ArchiTECH Solutions consultants will provide an analysis that will highlight areas of improvement, determine if technology can be implemented to drive efficiency, identify business process re-engineering needs, and determine overall organizational structure and disciplines to implement to save time, increase revenue, and improve customer experience.

  • Application Bug-Fixing
  • Application Assessments (Design & Performance)
  • Software Upgrades / Software Version Management
  • Application / Solution Enhancements
  • Design/UIX Improvements
  • Configure, Monitor, Maintain BPM Infrastructure
  • End User Training.

ArchiTECH Solutions (ATS) is a trusted partner of top-tier BPM products that provides solution development, and application support and upgrade services to existing and new clients. ATS wants to help clients of BPM solutions keep and maximize the value of their BPM product investment by providing a plan to upgrade and enhance their current applications on the latest release.

ArchiTECH Solutions provides O&M Support and Upgrades services to the clients with BPM application actively running in production.  ATS delivers services to troubleshoot, debug, and modify existing applications on the BPM software platform.  We deliver a full range of application performance tuning based on technical feedback from application health check and performance reports.

ATS also understands the importance for clients to remain compliant with quarterly BPM product vendors’ software upgrades; which cause many on-premise systems to become out of date, these applications no longer have technical support from the product vendor until the software is upgraded.

  • Contractor IT Services Delivery
  • Temp-To-Perm Placements
  • Full-Time Placements
  • Product Partner Staff Augmentation

A-TECH Partners is the professional IT staffing services division of ArchiTECH Solutions, LLC.
A-TECH works with firms to deliver experienced IT consultants and teams , and will find the best-qualified candidates for your contract. Personnel include IT professionals as well as managerial/administrative positions.

A-TECH Partners has in place a recruitment and hiring processes to provide the implementation of a consistent, logical approach for job openings. The recruiting approach begins with understanding the job requirement. Our recruiters and other workforce members familiar with the work will review and research your requirement to determine what skills and experience are best qualified to provide the service.

A-Tech staffing team is exceptional at delivering the right people to fit the need of the client:

  • Great work establishing RELATIONSHIPS with our partners/clients to ensure our success is aligned to our partner/client goals and objectives.
  • Extensive research and spends substantial time to UNDERSTAND our partner’s business and needs.
  • QUALITY candidates and resumes to our partners, increasing efficiency in delivery timeline.
  • RESPONSIVE and readily available to their partners with a 24-48 hour turnaround of quality candidates.
  • Rigorous PRE-SCREENING process before we qualify and submit candidates to our clients projects/programs.
  • EXPERIENCED and knowledgeable in technology staffing best practice.
  • OVER 1 MILLION candidates throughout the United States in our 100% onshore technology network, and strong passive candidate network.
  • FLEXIBLE staffing solutions that allows for ATS to deliver the right resource under any contract type.