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Healthcare Records Process Management

Healthcare Records Process Management Trinity Health invested in a BPM solution to integrate with a proven healthcare application that allowed doctors and nurses to collaborate on patient charts and records. ArchiTECH Solutions joined the BPM integration project to immediately eliminate the backlog of application issues, provide application improvements, identify and resolve any critical-to-launch application/integration issues, and steer the project in the right direction for launch.

Referral and Authorization Process Automation

ATS Business Operations consultants designed and implemented a solution that allows nurses from the government Veteran Hospital to initiate referrals and authorizations for customers to see physicians outside the Veterans Hospital network. The application integrates with hospitals through an information portal that has the capabilities to link with patient records to provide physicians a holistic patient view and streamline authorized payments.

Rapid Application Deployment

Operations Management Solutions State of Maine (SOM) was looking to make several updates to their current in-house processes, starting with paying out blocked and missed unemployment claims. Architech Solutions team worked with client team to rapidly implement a purchase order management, document management, and invoicing solution utilizing the Pegasystems BPM platform.

Legacy Enterprise Modernization

Legacy Enterprise Modernization TMG selected Pegasystems’ PRPC to be the platform for their new enterprise, and ArchiTECH Solutions was chosen as the preferred services provider to implement the entire BPM solution. ATS solution consultants were involved from inception to launch in replacing TMG’s Medicaid call center and application used to enroll new patients in Medicaid programs.

Veterans Affairs IPPS – Invoicing Solution

VA FSC was working with a legacy system that was becoming increasingly outdated and unmanageable, especially as volume of incoming invoices increased. Client selected Pega product was chosen to improve automation, speed, and capacity; and asked ArchiTECH Solutions to implement a solution with this software platform. he efficiency of the new system allowed for cost savings and dramatically increased processing automation.

Healthcare Legacy Integration & Modernization

Legacy Integration & Modernization Solution CareFirst had existing legacy and new-age portal application systems and had a need to integrate the different systems with a BPM software solution. ArchiTECH Solutions was selected as the primary consulting group to provide subject matter expertise for the Pegasystems integration solution. ATS collaborated with the client at all phases of the software development lifecycle, helped to develop strategy and approach, and assisted with writing integration code.

Case Management & Mobile Solution

Case Management & Mobile Solution Veteran Affairs Career Development group (VA for Vets) had a program for veterans to build resumes and work with mentor coaches to build new careers. ArchiTECH Solutions was asked to join the solution delivery team for expertise in Appian BPM implementation. ATS consultants provided an application assessment and analysis to determine areas of improvement with process models and overall design for the case management application.

Center of Excellence

Mission Critical Operations & Compliance ArchiTECH Solutions was asked to leverage the expertise in BPM solution implementation to automate the processes and streamline the operations related to submissions from farmers and private landowners to improve, protect, and conserve natural resources on private lands (soil surveying, classification and water quality improvement). The solution provides regulatory compliance solution, while improving operational efficiency.

Bids & Ordering Processing Management

Bids & Ordering Processing Management CVS Health currently has a manual process for enrolling clients and members in the Medicare Part D Program. ArchiTECH Solutions to deliver a centralized work flow, implement approval processes, provide audit and tracking capabilities, and integrate seamlessly with core legacy enrollment systems to handle membership volume growth. Automated processes decreased time for new enrollments and changes to existing client accounts from two weeks to 24 hours.

Contracts Management

Contracts Management Solution Improvement Vermont Agency of Transportation needed to actively manage construction contracts related to engineering financial management. Client looked to ArchiTECH Solutions as a service provider who was responsive and reliable to conduct application improvements, resolve application issues, and be readily available for on-demand application support services.