Pega 7

It’s not news that Pegasystems has released a new Build for Change® platform known as Pega 7.  If you haven’t had a chance to experience the new platform yet, your chance is right around the corner at PegaWORLD on June 8th

Pega 7 incorporates several aspects of previous Pegasystems platforms:

  • Business Process Management
  • Dynamic Case Management
  • Adaptive Decision Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Customer Service
  • Industry-specific solutions

The PegaWORLD 2014 Training agenda will cover various aspects of Pega 7, giving trainees the insight they will need to have when working at businesses with the Pega 7 product.

 Want an overview of the new Pega 7?  Try this session:

 Pega 7 Overview

Eddie Moczygemba, a Senior Curriculum Developer at Pegasystems, will lead a session about Pega 7 features and benefits in a hands-on environment. The focus of this session will be to demonstrate how business users can work with developers to create an application that will specifically address complex business processes. AM Session.

 Need to know more about the customer service features of Pega 7?  Go to this session:

 Delivering Next Generation Customer Service with CPM 7

Tom Hardy, a Senior Curriculum Developer at Pegasystems, will guide trainees through the CPM 7 customer service platform, focusing on the advantages of Pega 7, upgrade tips, the updated user experience, full usage of data, and how to best utilize the automatically generated user interface. AM Session.

Are you a System Architect who wants to know more about data or case management? Go to this session:

 Solving Business Problems with Live Data and Case Management

Holger Zwickau, the Director of the Pega Academy, will inform trainees about leveraging “powerful new data pages” that will make it easier to build applications, including new case management features.  Students will have the ability to experience case management and data page deep dives, gaining full knowledge of these capabilities. AM Session. NOTE:  Being an SA is a pre-requisite.

Interested in the new Decision Strategy Manager? Attend this session:

Introduction to Decision Management

Marco Looy, the Director of Decisioning Management at Pegasystems, will be leading a session that is geared toward strategy designers.  Strategy designers will learn how to embed decisioning features into their business processes and applications. The Decision Strategy Manager will be available for this hands-on class, and can be applied to marketing, risk mitigation, or more generic decisions and decisions based upon predictions. AM Session.

 What?! Did that just say decisions based upon predictions?  It sure did!  Learn more about predictive analytics in this class:

 Introduction to Predictive Analytics

Hui Li, the Product Manager of Analytics Innovation at Pegasystems, will be leading this class for business users who are interested in predicting customer behavior.  Predictive analytics will help business users make better decisions regarding what to offer customers.  The class will demonstrate how to develop a predictive model using historical data and how to configure a self-learning, adaptive model. AM Session.

Are you a CMBB and need to know more about DCO and how to improve continuous delivery? Check out this course:

Achieving Greater Delivery Efficiencies Through Continuous DCO in Pega 7

Richard Fay, Director of BPM Adoption Methodology at Pegasystems, will provide an in-depth view of the Pega 7 Direct Capture features.  The differences between Pega 7 and PRPC 6.3 will be highlighted, as well as a hands-on build exercise that will utilize many of the new DCO features. Students will learn real-world ways to leverage continuous DCO successfully. PM Session.  NOTE: Pre-requisite for attendees is to be CMBB certified.

If you are a Business Architect, you might be interested in Pega 7’s Case Designer course:

Case Designer for Business Architects

Eddie Moczygemba, a Senior Curriculum Developer at Pegasystems, will teach students how to use the Case Designer to model a business process effectively and efficiently.  Participant will learn how to apply the building blocks of the Case Designer to create cases and define stages.  PM Session.  NOTE:  Pre-requisite is to be a Business Architect.

Looking for an offering to System Architects and interested in multi-channel UIs?  Try this course:

Building a World-Class Multi-Channel User Interface in Pega 7

Vinay Kamath, a Product Manager (User Interface) at Pegasystems, will introduce SAs to Pega 7’s radical new method of building user interfaces for applications.  Students will learn how to build interfaces separate from content so that UIs can be easier to maintain; how to build multi-channel UIs that work on desktops, laptops, tablets, and/or phones; and how to build UIs using best practices.  PM Session.  NOTE: Pre-requisite is to be an SA.

And there is even a course for Marketers! Check out this session:

Introduction to Next-Best-Action Marketing

Guru Deshkulkarni, a Product Enablement Manager at Pegasystems, will lead a class designed to show marketers how to run omni-channel marketing programs.  Learn to use decision strategies and analytics to drive marketing programs to cross-sell, upsell and retain customers through multiple outbound and inbound communication channels. PM Session.

 Be sure to double check any of the prerequisites for the courses and register in advance.  Each session costs $150.  Also note that all of the AM sessions will be happening at the same time (9am – 1pm) and all of the PM sessions will be happening at the same time (1:30pm – 5:30pm).  Workshops and Special Interest Groups will also be happening on June 8th, so plan wisely.


ArchiTECH Solutions will be attending PegaWORLD 2014 as a partner.  Visit us at our booth!  You can’t miss us! We’ll be the ones in orange.
We’ll be sharing our two new Pega Solutions:
  • Pega Center of Excellence—an adaptable and scalable COE solution applicable to all businesses and government programs using Pega products.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning for Healthcare Claims Processing – a solution that is able to manage the scanning of complex healthcare claims forms and interface the scanned data with Pega products.
 Contact us at for more information, or call us at 703-972-9155.

 Amy Barth is a Senior Business Analyst at ArchiTECH Solutions.