Yes it does! It feels so good to launch, especially after an uphill challenge and after realizing the solution’s importance to the customer. And the best part is that the users of the application are so happy with the patient registration solution: “We are now working current day registrations, where as prior to IDM solution we were always working 5-6 days behind” – Shirley W., Trinity Healthfistpump

ArchiTECH Solutions (ATS) was asked to join the Trinity Health IDM project in order to put Appian solution delivery on the right track for launch. The IDM solution is a BPM Appian application centered on patient care document management and registration facilitation, integrating with Quest Diagnostics’ Chartmaxx solution.

First, ATS completed an application/project knowledge transfer, soaking in valuable project information from a key developer. At this point, the ATS consulting team realized that the client would benefit from a Center of Excellence, to be leveraged by the Trinity IT team for enablement and understanding.

During the knowledge transfer period, the ATS consulting team focused on “Issue Backlog Clean-up” activities, focused around resolving a 75+ ticket backlog of change requests, bugs fixes, and major issues in the application. The PMO leads saw an immediate positive impact from the ATS team: “ArchiTECH Solutions has provided us a skill set which has enabled the project to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They are eager, have very good communication skills, and have provided development and issue resolution to a project that was very slow moving prior to their arrival. We are very pleased!” – Jackie T., Trinity Health Patient Solutions PMO

As part of the “Stabilizing” effort, the ATS consulting team conducted a program and project assessment, highlighting the need to revisit requirements and Use Case development. To facilitate development, testing, traceability, and scope definition, the ATS team worked with the business stakeholder group and the PMO to revisit the way in which requirements and use cases were captured and documented. This effort proved to be very helpful in securing the moving development target, positioning the PMO to receive documented acceptance and sign-off from the business group, and providing reassurance to end-users that the delivered solution would addresses their needs and wants.

The ATS BPM solution team simultaneously kicked-off an “Optimizing” effort that would highlight areas of improvement around risk reduction, best practice implementation, and performance enhancement. The ArchiTECH Solutions consulting team provided a full assessment of the Appian application that ranked Scalability, Performance, Design, User Experience, Best Practices, Environment, and Support Ability. This analysis work product was well received and provided the client with a holistic view of the health of the application and readiness for launch.

Group Of Happy Coworkers Discussing In Conference Room

Throughout each stage, the ArchiTECH Solutions team continuously delivered on the “Implementation” activities that were necessary to meet business group requirements for a successful launch, including application modifications, enhancements, and improvements to the overall solution.

The approach (process) and the Appian solution (technology) were only a couple of items that contributed to this successful delivery. Being able to work with highly knowledgeable and participating client team was a major reason this project was a great experience. The client shared the same sentiment about the ArchiTECH Solutions team: “The ATS consultants have demonstrated that they are very skilled in Appian implementations. They have led the charge from story and test plan creation, through application development and infrastructure support. Their calm and patient demeanors are complimented by their succinct and professional communication styles. They are a pleasure to work with, and a great asset to our team.” – Lisa L., PMO Trinity Health

Each of these efforts and program variables were essential to getting the project solution delivery back on track towards a predictable launch date, and instilling confidence in the client to communicate to end-users and executive management that a quality application was developed. Working through obstacles makes the successful launch of an application that much sweeter; for the client, for the end-user, and for ATS.

It really does feel good to launch, now on to Enhance and Maintain!

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