Architech Solution’s Customer Service Solution, formerly known as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), is an Appian-based product, built in concert with VisionPointSystems.  The Customer Service Solution was featured at ATS’ booth at Appian World 2014, which created a lot of interest in the product and its capabilities.

By integrating the Customer Service Solution with BPM, we are offering a tool that provides powerful solutions to manage not only how your customers communicate with your business, but also how efficiently your employee can collaborate with each other.  The Customer Service Solution provides these solutions across clearly defined, yet flexible business processes, giving you the ability to unify communications processes for mobile, web, and traditional telephony, thereby improving the overall functionality of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


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Some of the problems that the Appian Customer Service Solution can address:

Limited Ability to Utilize Process Improvement to Increase Efficiency
CRM applications workflows are not easy to modify or re-configure, so continuous process improvement to increase efficiency or customer interaction is not a common practice.

Lack of Customization in Customer Handling Processes
CRM application customers are forced to use defined call center workflows, instead of implementing custom efficient processes related to unique business and customer needs.

Inaccessibility of Customer Information
Customers have expressed most frustration when agents cannot effectively share customer information during transfers or call handling.

No Knowledge Management Functionality in CRM Application
When call center teams have a need to save files outside of customer profiles related to case management, there is no efficient means of doing so.

Need for Improved Call Handling/Transfers across Customer Agent Teams
Multiple and disparate call centers with various user interfaces and applications have caused an increase in customer transfers and complex call handling that can be frustrating for customers.

Ineffective Queue Management
Management of time in queue and assignment of calls is neither transparent nor standardized for effective queue handling.


Ways that our Customer Service Solution provides a positive impact to your business:

Centralized Business Processes for User Interfaces 
Changes to business logic can be made once in Appian and pushed automatically to self-service web, mobile, interactive voice response (IVR), and customer service agent applications. This significantly reduces development and testing effort for your IT staff, presenting solutions in significantly less time for a fast turnaround.

Contact Center Management Tools for a Mobile Workforce
Cloud telephony allows you to virtualize the private branch exchange (PBX) and extend traditional on-premise PBX features to your field staff regardless of where they work. The Customer Service Solution provides access to all of your contact center operations, such as agent skill assignment, call handling, agent availability, and reporting through native mobile applications.

Real Time Customer Case Management 
The Appian Customer Service Solution provides your contact center agents all the tools to handle callers with a personalized, yet consistent, process-oriented approach. This yields better customer satisfaction, increased agent productivity, and reduced training and operating costs.

Automated Process Initiation upon Call Transfer 
The Customer Service Solution also delivers call data directly, so your contact center agent application displays caller information when the phone rings. Your agents can avoid repeatedly asking for customer information no matter how many times the caller is transferred. The customer experiences a smoother transaction, and the time of the call transaction is decreased, and call center efficiency as a whole is improved.

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