ATS Project Spotlight on: Trinity Health

Welcome to the second of our ATS Project Spotlight series.  This week's spotlight [...]

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It Feels So Good to Launch!!

Yes it does! It feels so good to launch, especially after an [...]

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The Constant Future

The future is not now, the future is constant.  We’ve always been chasing [...]

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Question: What Does the Public Sector Need to Improve?

I'd like to use the blog space today to pose a question: As [...]

Top 10 Highlights from PegaWORLD 2014

And the top 10 highlights from PegaWORLD 2014 are:  10. Alan Trefler playing [...]

When You Know Better, Do Better

  Our work should matter.  It should mean something not only to ourselves, [...]

PegaWORLD Preview: ATS Healthcare Solutions with BPM and OCR

BREAKING NEWS:  Our own Greg Johnston will participating in "The Government BPM Journey" [...]

Need to Learn Pega 7? Training Opportunities are at PegaWORLD 2014!

It’s not news that Pegasystems has released a new Build for Change® platform [...]

ATS becomes HIMMS Gold Corporate member

ATS becomes HIMMS Gold Corporate member to further solidify itself as an Information [...]

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ATS completes milestone for TMG Health, Inc.

ATS successfully completes a significant milestone for Atlas 1.0 for Phase 1 for [...]

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