Project Description

  • Trouble-ticket Backlog Resolution
  • Change Requests (Mod & New) Development
  • Email Marketing Design & Development
  • Mobile Design & Development
  • 3rd party Integrations with BPM Application
  • Application Assessment & Analysis
  • Application Migrations & Deployment
  • Center of Excellence

Client Challenge

Veteran Affairs Career Development group (VA for Vets) had a program for Veterans to build resumes, translate skills and experience, and work with mentor coaches to build new careers. The BPM application had an unnecessary backlog of issues that were not being resolved in a timely manner, application design was a concern, and management wanted the program to be supported by an issue-free application.

Client Success & Solution

ArchiTECH Solutions was asked to join the solution delivery team for expertise in Appian BPM implementation. ATS consultants worked with the lead systems integrator and client to identify a “Get Well Plan” for the BPM application. ATS initially resolved the 100+ application issues backlog and conducted an application assessment and analysis to determine areas of improvement with process models and overall design. ATS consultants worked with each stakeholder group to determine integration improvements, problem areas, and new mobile development requests. ArchiTECH Solutions determined a need for application knowledge sharing, so ATS gathered, analyzed, and documented all technical requirements for the VA for Vets KMS and Mobile CMS applications.

Benefits & Results

The ArchiTECH Solutions team was able to eliminate poor design and hard coding that caused inefficiencies and inaccuracies in the application by redesigning process models and implementing BPM best practices. ATS focused on resolving the 100+ backlog of issues and re-configured the application to remove the root causes in the original design. ATS also provided users mobile access to the data and application with new development.

Professional Services Provided

  • Business Process Improvement
  • BPM Implementation
  • Operations Assessment & Analysis

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