We will be starting a new series of blogs to spotlight many of ArchiTECH Solutions’ successful projects, and since the State of Maine will be featured at Pega World 2015 next week, it seemed fitting to begin there.


The State of Maine (SOM) had been looking tMaine_state_flago update their current in-house processes, starting with paying out blocked and missed unemployment claims.  Other upgrades needed within the SOM system included invoicing, document management, and agency-level business rule engines for a wide array of state agencies and bureaus.  The SOM chose Pega as its BPM platform and needed a team to assist with their rapid application deployment plan.

Rapid application deployment, using Agile/SCRUM practices, allowed multiple teams to initiate work quickly (engaging in less than two days) and in tandem, supporting SOM’s mission to effectively move applications from ideas to product backlogs to production.  Three-week sprint cycles using teams of no more than 6-7 resources were able to complete and deliver over five core applications.  The largest delivery by the ATS team was SOM’s purchase order application.

SOM’s CIO selected this platform to ensure that the state could quickly ramp up, execute, deliver, and move forward instead of trying to replace enterprise systems all at once.

By using a strong BPM solution like Pega, paired with SCRUM activities, the SOM teams have been able to control production roll-outs and effectively re-use resources between each project effort.  Shorter, more efficient timelines also prevented project paralysis–a problem with which many government and large private companies struggle.  SOM has seen the transformation first hand.  This project effort and its success has become an example of the type of delivery for which all customers strive.  The State of Maine is now able to move quickly as mandates and requirements change.


Maine Lighthouse

Maine’s Spring Point Ledge Light, photo by Elliot Gilfix. Fisheries and marine industries are supported by ATS projects at the State of Maine.


ArchiTECH Solutions has provided (or will provide) Pega expertise for the following State of Maine projects:

  • Bureau of Pesticides Control (BoPC) – Certifications & Licensure
  • Department of Marine Resources – LEEDS Application
  • Office of Information Technology Billing – Kickoff June/July 2015
  • Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry – FONS – Kickoff July/August 2015

Key aspects of work at the State of Maine include:

  • Upgrading existing systems to newer versions of Pega
  • Integrating applications with PegaCloud
  • Pega Certification Licensing Framework (CLF)
  • Complex eligibility and rule management for a wide range of products
  • Mobile/tablet functionality to allow applications to be used in the field

Project Insight

Melissa Harris, one of ATS’ Senior System Architects, has been integral to project success at SOM.  We took this opportunity to ask her some questions about working at State of Maine.

Q:  How is ATS making a difference at the State of Maine?

MH:  With our help, the State of Maine has successfully completed the development of the Department of Marine Resources licensing and certification application, which will service the licensing needs of all commercial fishermen in the state, for over 140 different products.

Q:  What are some of the challenges at SOM, and how are we meeting those challenges?

MH:  Agile development and Pega are still very new to the culture within the state.  We are enabling the business team to prove the value of Agile development methodologies by delivering high quality code.  Additionally, we support the business team at the State of Maine by providing technical input and guidance to help them in making strategic decisions regarding application development.

Q:  What is the most rewarding aspect of working at SOM?

MH:  Most certainly the team.  The internet employees of the state of Maine are all extremely intelligent and friendly, and eager to assist wherever they can.

For more information about ATS work at the State of Maine, or to hear more about how ArchiTECH Solutions can help your organization with similar projects, please contact us at orangebpm@architechsolutions.com.  If you are going to PegaWORLD, we hope to see you there!