NCAA Bracket Challenge

ArchiTECH Solutions invite you to participate in the fun AW17 NCAA #ATSBracketChallenge. Create your own league, challenge your friends, and compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes — winners to be announced at Appian World 2017!

ATS consultants built a March Madness NCAA Bracket application powered by Appian Digital Transformation software platform to showcase some cutting-edge business operations automation features and functionality:

  • Records/Data-Driven UI – Bracket selections are made and verified using Appian’s latest SAIL components, and without any Process Models
  • Web Service Calls and API Implementation to auto-refresh game results
  • Developed for the latest version of Appian (17.1)
  • Optimized for great mobile experience
  • Use of all Appian Tabs
  • News – customized posts for game results; smack talk board for league interaction
  • Tasks – auto assigned tasks to create bracket profile
  • Records – complete your bracket directly from your record, view other participants’ completed brackets (once games begin), view the final tournament results, and do research on competing teams
  • Reports – view aggregated metrics of your company’s top brackets and see where your current and potential points stack up
  • Actions – create a league within your company

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Installation Instructions

  1. Download and unzip the installation package (Last Updated 3/11/2017).
    1. Execute the DDL Script (Filename: ATS-BC_DDLScript.sql).
    2. Import the application zip file into your existing Appian installation (Filename:
  2. Email for necessary credentials for team info and game result sync.