NCAA Bracket Challenge

ArchiTECH Solutions invites you to participate in the fun AW18 NCAA #ATSBracketChallenge. Create your bracket, challenge your friends, and compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prices!

ArchiTECH consultants built a March Madness NCAA Bracket application powered by Appian Digital Transformation software platform to showcase some cutting-edge business operations automation features and functionalities:

  • Records/Data-Driven UI – Bracket selections are made and verified using Appian’s latest SAIL components, and without any Process Models
  • Branded for Appian Sites with highly aesthetic billboards and box layouts for a sleek user experience
  • Web Service Calls and API implementation to auto-refresh game results and Google Map integration to display teams’ location
  • Graphic drill-down reporting framework to show the 5,000 ft view with the ability to dig deeper as needed
  • Optimized for a great mobile experience
  • Developed for the latest version of Appian

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